My name is not that important, for now lets leave it at Robert.

ar119411728971335My goal is to turn my enjoyment of writing into a successful hobby. I would love to be able to be a full-time author, living in a castle parked on a tropical island full of Amazons, but I think just to be able to put my stories out and have other people enjoy them will be my success.

I am at an interesting paradox; I am not starting this blog as I start my first story or book. The truth is I have written my first book, and am starting to learn the twisted world of trying to get it published.

I need to sum up first book in one sentence. that process has proven harder than writing the book was. it would be like saying Shakspere’s Romeo and juliet is about two teenagers that fall in love and end up dead. while I am not Shakespeare, it still serves as a good example.

I could say “My book is about a deaf girl who ends up possessed by a demon” accurate, and to the point. But that hides much of the story. Her being Deaf, it’s a plot point, and not her problem. not to say it’s not a problem, but that the problem is not hers, it’s the world around her. I have been interviewing someone and their imput has been invaluable, Demons I know, Deaf people not so much.

it has been an education learning about being deaf, and it opened my eyes. Now to see if I can get the story published, and pass on this insight to others.

I have put my first chapter (as its currently edited) up as a link, any feed back would be pricated.


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