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discounted-hearing-aidsI took my work out to a writers group in Denver. This is a group of varying levels of success at writing and publishing, and because of all of the different interests (books, short stories, humor, screen plays and such). I enjoy all the different perspectives. But one of the reviewer’s questions nagged at me, and still is.

If you haven’t read the first chapter the story starts with the deaf heroine sneaking into a club. She’s there to celebrate with her friends her first college running event. A pretty neutral setting but one reviewer asked me:

“Why would a deaf girl go to a club to hear a band?”

The question is a logical as it is stupid. The obvious answer is “to hear the band”. I know the character is deaf, but that covers a wide range of conditions. If she were stone deaf it could be somewhat confusing, but then again going out with friends is plenty of reason to go out.
The question at first annoyed me until I really thought about it, I have known deaf people for a while and had several long talks one in particular. Deaf people can still drive, go to college, fail or succeed, even go to a concert. The person that asked that question had never been around hearing impaired/deaf

I’m going to hope that the book I wrote will help convey that being deaf is just a thing.


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