Lesson Learned

I have been working on, or to be accurate trying to work on the next part of my story. I have always heard people talk about setting up an environment for writing, for me using my laptop and having my music set to random, by genre (to avoid those long jumps from industrial metal to Classical). is more than enough.

however I have made an interesting discovery over the last 3 days. my physical condition does matter. I have been in a state of denial about being sick, assuming that if I can drag my sorry carcass to the office to earn $$$ that I am healthy enough to write.

as it turns out that’s is only partially true. I am a prolific writer, I have 2 blogs, plus I have 2 books in progress and knock off several short stories during the week when my mind wanders. But reviewing the work I have done for the last week or so, I can tell it’s not the quality that I normally do.

guess writing and Flu don’t mixFluBugmages


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