Querry Letter

Trying to put my 90K word book into 2 sentences is proving to be a bigger challenge then I thought. I keep going back and forth about how much to share about the main character. So the first paragraph is supposed to be a single sentence, one that hooks and get attention.

“Jamie Ryder: Possessed is the story about a deaf college girl who has a fateful encounter with a Demon named Ivan. The story focus on both her introduction to Ivan’s fantasy world of Demons, Monsters & Witch’s and the Ivan’s introduction to our real world of being hearing impaired”

I keep trying to decide if that is accurate or if it’s pandering. I think that it sums it up pretty good, but?

The second part of the query letter is supposed to be a summary.

“Ivan (the demon) is stuck possessing Jamie a deaf college freshmen. The two of them need to learn each other’s world, and try to cooperate. But between other demons and discovering how connected to the demon filled world Jamie really is earning their freedom from each other is quite a problem. Can Jamie’s relationships and dreams survive Ivan’s interfearnce?”

When I get to the bio part, I am screwed. I doubt winning the 5th grade poetry contest counts for anything. And having years of experience running fantasy role-playing games counts even less.

I have 2 people on the planet that have read this book of mine so far, so think I will run this by them for response.

I suppose though if I were actually worried about the odds of success I wouldn’t be trying this in the first place.


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