All typed up and no where to go

If I were keeping a check list it would look something like this

Research the Deaf information <Check>
Write the book  <Check>
Edit it  <Check>
Review it with other <Check>
type a query letter  <Check>

so now its time to start looking at where to send it. I am seeing all sorts of opinions on the Net about self publish vs Discount publish VS Agents…

its enough to give poor me a headache. I know there are predatory options, and bad options. there really is no shortage of ways to screw my self out there.screws

lets hope I can find the one that has the best chance of meeting my goal, IE getting this story where people can read it, enjoy it and just maybe make it so next time a reader sees a hearing aid they don’t start to YELL Over-ProNunCate and use gestures trying to talk….

of course making a little $ wouldn’t upset me either.

PS I have uploaded the letter – anyone who wants to read and give me advice I am alway receptive.   its right about here———————————————————————>>>>>


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