always strech before you strech

No progress on the publishing front tonight. I am waiting for an email from a friend who has traveled this road and can help steer me clear of the pitfalls. until then I am going to just sit and write the next story.

I am working on the next story/book and just realized I have written my self into a corner (again)

during the story, the heroine (named Jamie) ends up breaking up (sort of) with her long time friend/should have been boy friend Chris.

the character of Chris is completely deaf (unlike Jamie who is hard of hearing). one of the many attributes I gave him was a command of poetry.

the problem is, as a poet, I am pretty bad.
For my story to work, I need a heart tugging poem from him, so far my poem is more sphincter tugging.

So now I have to either figure out the perfect mix of beer and video games required to beat my poor brain into being able to write a poem, or find a poem that he can use (which is cheating) or find someone who can write a poem for him.

but at least I am back in my comfort zone and writing stories again!


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