Where’s the Straight and Narrow ?

windy Road

I have been looking into publishing and think I have a ‘plan’.

I am going to spend some energy on the traditional publishing route, but all the while I am also going to work on the self publish route.

I know self publish used to mean “failed author” but these days, it also means “person no one would roll the dice on”. My query letter is solid, but short on the experience side of things. So while I try to get published ‘normally’ or ‘traditionally’ I can also start saving some $$$ up to do a self publish option. one advantage of Self Publish, its more lucrative, but it also takes so much more effort

I already have some very talented and enthusiastic people to help me do a book cover/book mock-up. and I know of at least one place that I could publish if I really just wanted to short cut everything, but that’s more of an “I’ve failed both the other things, so I will settle for this” type of thing.

with luck and a tail wind, I will post a book cover on here soon!

[BTW – has anyone looked at the first chapter ? it’s on this site]

Comments appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Where’s the Straight and Narrow ?

  1. Self-publishing is definitely turning more toward ‘people who nobody would take a chance on’. It’s a no risk situation too with free publishing on ebook readers and Createspace (for paperback copies) instead of the days where you had only the vanity presses that charged a few thousand bucks.


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