Encouragement in all Forms

_164 Kirata coupleYesterday I was talking about how some of my younger friends really have gotten behind my book project, and while still in the planning stage, it looks like this weekend I will be able to get the pictures for the mock up book cover.

I am not sure if being a writer trying to become an author is bringing up all these feelings of insecurity, or if they are part of my twisted psyche but its strange how discouraged I can get at times when I ask someone to read something and they either cant or it take a long time for them to do it. The reason for this, if I am 100% practical, is that the people I ask have jobs, families and hobbies that all keep them busy, so reading my work is not a top priority.

So it’s always a HUGE ego boost when someone does read it and likes it, especially when they have constructive feedback. Today one of my young assistants indicated they would like to see one of my short stories. The one I wanted to show them is a three page story called Rakasha. It’s the touching story of an a$$hole biker that is on the run from the cops and hides out with what turned out to be a tiger demon. Graphic sex references, Drug use references and a scene where one naked person eats another (as in cannibalism, not sixty-nine)

Defiantly some thing that’s would be at least PG13. So before I let the assistant (who is all of 15 years old) read it, I asked the parent to read it first.

Getting told that it was a very good and entertaining piece from someone that only read it to decide if their child should I am taking as a compliment.

I debated about putting it up here for any of you to read, but so far no one seems to like reading the PDF’s up here.

[I have linked the story in question in case you want to read it as always comments appricated]


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