Another Day closer

I have been multitasking today, this normally means screwing up multiple things at once, but today I seem to be doing everything right.

I did all my character Bio’s and am going to re-edit a couple of them, the characters need a little more punch, One reader has already said “I could give a care about ” Honest, it’s not exactly what I wanted to hear.

I have been coordinating a shot for my mock book cover. I have to admit that this project is promising, although asking a young woman (who is younger than my youngest boy if she has short dresses and stockings is a little odd at best) but if I can catch the energy, it will be great.

And after another glowing review of the short story Ekmuu I am feeling psyched. I am considering putting it up on the site as well, but I am not sure, its 5 pages, so it’s too long to make a post of.

Mostly because with all of this achieved, I can get back to the actual second book.

If I were to have one complaint about this whole publishing process, It’s that it pulls me away from what I like to do in order to make what I have done already work.


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