Daily discovery.

It’s funny how often it’s the little things, the minutia that is where the truth lies.

My example of this, when I was shooting with a young woman trying to get an elusive shot for my mock up book cover, I had also asked her to make a video. The plan was she would take a towel, put it over her dress, covering it completely and then do a small phrase in ASL. It was based on one of the scenes in my book where I introduced a character and show his humor. She took the towel and the way she chose to cover herself with it made me realize instantly that I had the setup scene wrong. I had described her as having pulled the towel with the opening behind her, then needing her elbows to hold it up. Because I thought/believed that ASL took both hands, this would cause a comedic scene where she is trying to not let her friend into the room, not let him see her naked and somehow trying to communicate using only her ASL. But the way my young model covered herself, then used her ASL made me realize the scene was wrong, or at least needed to be fixed.

It’s almost masochistic but I actually like these moments. The scene would have carried, no one would have caught it other than people that actually do ASL, but I would rather get it right then to know that a real detail is wrong.


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