The scary Four letter word

I have my letter all ready, have obsessed about it, re-read it, reviewed it

its concise, to the point and I hope a good representation of my abilities as a writer.

I would compare this to picking the pretty girls at the bar and trying to buy them a drink. The only difference that I can see, the pretty girls won’t make you wait a week to 2 weeks before they kick you in the nuts.

So of all the words on my screen (almost 200 of them if you count the menu options and other such prompts) why is the one that scares me the most the four letter one “Send”

I know when I push that button, I will take my first baby step down this path. I know that the odds of my getting rejected are some where around 99.9998

but if I hit ‘Send’ I am committing my self to really really trying this.

I think I need some liquid courage.

I would ask what ya’all think, but I have noted a lack of replies to posts. so pushing that button and doing this falls to me – 100%

Mock up Book Cover.


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