Anyone want to share an opinion ?

So tonight a very good friend of mine sent me an article to read – 10 things to know about query letters. Simple math shows that following 10 steps to succeed is much more efficient than following 12 steps to recover from failing. is the link for those that want it.

After reading and realizing that I have done all of those things, I kept circling back to the “experience” section. For all intents and purposes I have none. Something I have mentioned before ,but unlike last time this time I have what cold be a simple solution.

Go get some!

Obvious I know, but maybe I should be specific. I have written several short stories. these all are related to the book, things like explaining what a monster called an Ekmmu is, or details about how one of the characters named Jeff was hurt and had to retire. These stories were fun, but in the end, they broke focus from the protagonist, and to be honest if I tried to put all the side thoughts and actions into a single book, it would be 400K long already.

so what I am thinking about doing is self publishing the short stories, both separately and as a collection. People that read them would have a little more insight when the matching sections come up but it wouldn’t ruin the book for them. People reading the book (because I have to assume that it is going to be published) could if they wanted more details go read the short stories.

so is this a shameless cross over and annoying? or brilliant if I can do it ?

does self publishing a book taint me as a writer/author ? or does it give me experience and make more desirable to agents or publishers ?

does all of this reek of my needing to stop driving an old jeep with an exhaust leak ?


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