New Publishing Option ?

Yesterday I went to another “How to publish meeting” The main reason I went was not to learn anything new, but to talk to someone who had been avoiding me.

turns out they still avoided me, but I found out about another publishing option I hadn’t heard of.

I already knew traditional, and it took very little time to realize that I had better odds of getting struck by lightning 10 seconds after I won the lottery with a ticket that I found on the ground. (I maybe over estimating those odds but…)

I knew about self publishing, and EBook publishing, both cost a good deal of money and both required me to really get out and push. the money for each is in the form of needing an editor. I like to think I am a talented writer, but having a professional editor makes my talents more accessible to readers.

I already knew about predatory presses – hell I already lost a toe to one (that or they were so amazed by my manuscript that they read 200+ pages in less than 24 hours and were ready start printing with in a week – nothing suspicious there at all!)

the new thing I learned about was ‘Partner publishing’ it costs about the same as Self Publishing, but I will end up splitting the profits with them. the main difference, they will do ALL of the marketing and advertising. a job that I exceedingly suck at. Granted, I have only second-hand information and a contact, so who the hell knows if its real.

at this point, I am thinking if I can get a good round of professional editing done, I will publish on Kindle, or as a Kindle Prime.  I would LOVE to have a physical book as well, but I am seeing that my target audience do EBooks more often.

of course no matter what I do I will need more work to ever have a chance of getting this to at least not spend money to put out my books.


Help a Writer out

I want to put some work up on smashwords, but I don’t have a good cover, or a bad cover or any cover!

The idea of spending 500 to 750 apiece so I can give away some short stories for some reason is unappealing. The idea of spending any money to give them away is unappealing.

What I need is someone to make a cover, or someone with Photoshop to put words on photos I have and do a simple cover that way, nothing too fancy.

So I am putting my hat in my hand and asking:  Anyone out there know a way to get some visuals with words for cheap or free? Without my getting sued over the whole thing?

and BTW – while I am shamelessly begging, if anyone knows a Deaf person that would be willing to trade emails and answer stupid questions for me, please give them my email.

It looks like I am going to have to replace my prior source. While I am writing fiction, I find the best fiction is fact. I don’t want my new book to become factually wrong, unless i chose to make to make it that way.   I don’t ever want it to become exploitive.


R b d a v i s 5@c o m c a s t.n e t if you have ideas!

Set in Stone (now to put down the Chisel)

sorry for no updates yesterday, but between the ‘writers club’ and work, and the fact that I have now ran 5 of the last 6 days ‘somewhere’ I am starting to feel burned out. tonight I have the jeep club (nothing book or writing related, other maybe inspiration)

I also had a talk with the gentleman that is doing the book trailer shoot for me. I thought the monologue was set in stone, but today we made MORE changes.

with luck, the final fully done scrip locked version will be in my hands by Saturday and the search for Jamie will begin. He has some contacts, so I will be picking one later in the week. Its going to be a task plucking someone out of my brain and letting a real person be her for this project. Not to mention it is breaking about every rule I ever had about ‘no faces’ but it was that or risk the very real danger of failing. In a way it feels like I am pimping one of my children, but the New Adult Paranormal Genre is not easy to get into, getting out of the slush pile is not easy an there is nothing I can do to improve those odds. Even if I somehow managed to get all of my short stories published and had a published by credit, I would still be a no one as far as traditional options go. If anyone ever really look at it, I would have a figting chance but…

I looked over CreateSpace and to do a full layout & Edit & Cover Plus Kindle edition I would be looking at around 2500. I doubt it will be cheaper going with local resources, although I will check. Sadly that just gets it published and on Amazon, Marketing it will still be my problem, or cost more money.

Before anyone types it I am going to look at amazon Kindle prime as well.

I am starting to see why traditional publishing is still around, I have resources and friends and contacts. If I didn’t that would be a staggering number to have to roll dice on.

Jamie Ryder: Monolog

I have a friend that wants to shoot a trailer for my book – this is what I came up with, if we go with it or not is debatable, but it turns out he’s not some guy with a 8MM camera and delusions of grandeur, he has a real rig, and full setup – I am impressed.

So this is what I wrote for him, if we can do this I will have to upgrade WordPress so I can upload the Video for all of you. It maybe used for Kickstarter to help me get this done. but that’s a discussion / decision for later.

[Open with a close up of a female face shot with a complete black back ground]

My Name is Jamie Ryder; I was pretty much a normal girl.

[Flash to a close up shot of her outside, flipping her hair to reveal her hearing aid]


[Return to female face, but pulled back to show her shoulders now & show back ground filled with books]

Then I met Ivan the demon.

[Show Jamie talking to ‘handsome stranger’ use lights and/back ground music to show they are in a club]

Now he is stuck inside me, inside my head.

[Special effect Jamie holding her head overlay Ivan over her head]

[Return to female face, but pulled back to show her chest, the back ground filled with books]

And I need him out.

[Do a close up, show a book that looks ‘old’ and has arcane symbols on it]

[Return to female face, but pulled back to show her chest & abdomen , the back ground filled with books]

I need him out before he hurts my friends.

[Show Jamie kicking a young blond man who is on the ground on his hands and knees]

I need him out before he ruins my athletics.

[Show Jamie in a running outfit taking a nasty fall (or on the ground rolling and holding her leg like she is hurt]

I need him out before he harms my school.

[Show Jamie being handed a paper by a male professor with a big red F on it, circled]

I need him out before he damages my love life.

[Show Jamie looking shocked standing by a door as another woman is walking in, the other woman touches Jamie’s face affectionately]

I need him out before his crazy sister Ivanka kills me.

[Cut scene to Ivanka walking up behind Jamie (who is kneeling on the floor looking at a strange book with several other books lying around. Ivanka has her Fangs and Claws bared]

The disturbance in the force

for those of you that are authors or writers, or in publishing.  you may have just felt a disturbance in the force, or heard a supersonic sound of a thousand words and edits suddenly disappearing.

I love using a laptop, because I can work anywhere, but when it is actually in my lap, I have GOT to remember that the battery is a little bit loose, and if I move my left knee I will hit the single battery release. (Stupid Design HP)

Of course the reason I moved my leg was to get comfortable and to hit the Save button, so that the ‘fantasy sequence’ I did with my Deaf girl, the Demon and the Demon hunter would live until at least the morning when I can review it minus the author juice that inspired it in the first place.

Nothing funnier then the deaf girl and her demon fighting while the deaf girl is knocking boots with the demon hunter….

if that’s not funny, blame the author juice.

BTW – have any of you looked at my link on Create Space ? any feedback ?

Trying something different

I haven’t tried this site before, a fan of my work said I should post a preview up there and review the tools there.

I put a link to the first chapter on here, but I suspect that people dont want to download things, so maybe being able to look at it on line will get me some feed back.

I have to say publishing, and all that process is less fun the the writting.  In my perfect world I could just write the books and some magic force would turn them into books that peole could read and enjoy.

as always, any opinions are welcomed.

Strange Night

I’m not sure if this is ‘common’ for writers/authors or not, but last night I didn’t sleep worth anything.  The reason, my characters were all upset and chose to bother me in my dreams.

Jamie – the protagonist demanded I rewrite the restroom scene, pointing out accurately that she would have seen the door open and there was  a stall right there, and she knew which stall her clothing were in.  She gave live girl shows to several people already, Austin isn’t getting one.  Amazingly Ivan (her Demon) agreed!

Ivan is insisting that he gets to be more active, he hates Austin, and is terrified that Jamie is going to hook up with him.  He is going to counter that with everything he can.

Austin is also mad, he is trying to point out that even after years of training, he should be smoother around Jamie then he is, his chosen profession not with standing.  Of course I had to tell him that is bull, his chosen profession and Jamie’s condition would make him act just the way he is, and I had to remind him he’s the idiot that got caught and locked in a trunk.

Cindy pointed out she is going to encourage Austin and Jamie, and Jeff is going to stop those 2.

Tack that on to the kidnapper and Olivia’s demands, and I  feel like I didn’t sleep at all.

By the time I sort out everything they are all yelling, my second book will be written and the third one already setup.

So should I seek professional help? Or get my ‘author juice’ and start typing?