Three strikes, Doesn’t Mean Your Out

So in a rarity today I took 3 hits on my goal of being an author.

1) Got my first 2 rejection emails. You would think they would at least PRETEND like they read or even looked. “Dear author” [couldn’t even cut and paste the name from the email or address header] I was expecting rejections, but was hoping for a sentence or something so I knew what/why, but hey that’s me. I should have 4 more by the middle of next week.

2) Found out that some money that I was counting on to self-publish is not coming, so my ‘build a brand’ plan is on hold. Honestly when you consider how little money this plan required, it’s a disappointment, but one I can and will live with.

3) Found out one of the people who I have been collaborating with has decided to cut and run, I have no idea if they are thinking that they can complete our mutual work, but sadly they failed to realize I have been the one with the ideas and piss poor grammar. Last time I checked I can get an English class, but getting a how to think outside of the box class is a whole different matter. Not that we had much work done yet, not like I lost a book or more than a short story, and honestly I write better solo anyway.

So what does all this mean for my plans? The only thing that it can – time to dig deeper, hit harder, and keep on keeping on. If the universe thinks that I am going to stop just because of these setbacks, it has another thing coming!

And on the good news side, I knocked out another short story, even if I can’t use the ‘build a brand’ plan right away, I can get the hard work part of it done!

Time & patience, if nothing else I will succeed just because the universe will find it easier to let me then to keep trying to stop me

Three strikes doesn’t mean your out, just that you have to wait for your turn again.

Now time for beer


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