Roller Coaster

After I posted my blog yesterday, the other model I was going to use bowed out and the location I was going to go do the cover shoot was closed to the public “Pending further notice” (Note the last model felt bad about having to bow out, unlike the others that decided that they preferred owing me more than paying me) meaning that I lost all my models, all my funding, all my equipment, all my location.

As some of you noted, I was not going to be deterred. I decided that I was going to use my freaking Cat, paint it brown with spray on hair spray put it in a dress and get some freaking pictures – if I can’t get what I want, I will settle for abject cuteness. Being as one of the first shorts I am going to self-publish is about a Tiger Demon and my cat is an orange Tabby, it seems like a good fit?!

Apparently both the universe and the cat over heard these plans, being as before I left to talk to my friend the photographer, the cat was nowhere to be seen. After a quick stop at the store when I got to the photographer, I told her the bad news, about both models bowing out, the jeep being unavailable, the location being inaccessible and how I was sorry but it looked like we were going to have to cancel the shoot.

She was relieved?!?!?! As it turned out, she hated almost every detail of what I was thinking we should do. So all that happened was that the person that has the abilities that I wanted to use had an excuse to use her own people, do her own shot for my cover and get the visuals perfect. It also turns out she has several computer issue that her and the model and artist she is recruited need help with. Right up my alley 😀

So I am cautiously optimistic, and if all goes right, I will have my first short story up on within a week, and amazon later that same day!


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