Denvers Writters Group

At the writers club tonight I was able to present the short story that I am going to publish next week (depending on when the cover & art are ready)
It is always fun to have people read my work. In a group of 14, I find it interesting how some people laugh at some jokes, others laugh at different jokes, at least one was not amused (ok, the truth is she hated the story, but she is a song writer, so a story about a possessed corpse probably struck her wrong)
There were all sorts of suggestions about language, a couple of points about flow, but overall if I had published it today, I would be 12 richer.

It’s was very encouraging over all. I can’t wait to get the art work and see what the rest of reality has to say.

If you can go to a writing critique group that allows open content, do it. just be sure you have a level of detachment, it’s never good to hear criticisms but if you can take it they are every good tools.


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