Asking too much of the Reader?


I have been reading my story reviews from yesterday and while they are all positive and a couple of them had some very good points, one of the reviews is bothering me. Bothering me enough to ask my followers for their opinions.

The problem is I spend about a page (this is a short story, so that is actually 1/5th of the book length) giving the history of this being, told by him. In it he says how he was born in march, the same year that Florida became a state. how he joined the second revolution at 16 after the country elected an abolitionist (giving some insight about his view of the cause of the civil war) and details about the battles that he was in including the one that got him killed.

The comment was that the reviewer the time frames were ‘vague’ and that I needed to add years to the events.. To me they are accurate, and the information is there, if you want to actually have dates there is an age and a date in there, that you could use to recalculate every other details beyond that.

The question I have; is asking the reader to think a bit a bad thing?


2 thoughts on “Asking too much of the Reader?

    • Thanks, sometimes I am told I am far too cerebral for my own good, and I would hate to inflict that on my readers (when I finally get some) on the same token, this is a short story, not a history lesson [although it is hard not to end up with both out of it]


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