alls quiet on the western front

Thanks to the tracking program I am now using, I was able to categorize both rejections I received. One surprised me, it had my name (not just my email handle) and it had my stories name. it as courteous as a rejection can be and made me feel almost ok. The rejection still stings a bit, but honestly I was expecting this one, it was a very main stream publication, and the story or a demon inhabiting a rotting corpse isn’t exactly main stream.

Of course it is still annoying that there were 10 different formatting requirements for 10 sites, nothing that is earth shattering, but defiantly annoying.
I should have more rejections by morning and have all back by the end of the month. Just in time to try again! Next round I get less picky about details (like getting paid at all) or I go to places that do not like/allow/tolerate multiple submissions (submit to them and wait) [I can’t really believe places like that still exist]

Cross your fingers, I will keep you all informed.


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