Neither Snow nor Cold nor anything else…..

Me in the Jeep in the winter

Me in the Jeep in the winter

Today I tried to go to a meeting today about steps to get published, but it was ??? (canceled/rescheduled) because the library was closed (Probably because the city is under a winter storm warning.)

The snow was not really a problem, my old jeep may not be as pretty as the new shiny ones, but it will climb a tree, and easily traverse several inch’s of snow. before I left I checked my email and confirmed that the meeting was still on. To my pleasant surprise the organizer posted saying the roads were ok and he was good to go. (Guess checking that the library was open was a step he skipped.) [Update – the organizer said he called and confirmed, the staff must have closed after that]

The drive over was very quick – the only thing making the drive longer was the fact that my Jeep, for all its power and ability, completely lacks a heater. in fact the mere act of breathing fogs the windows (that’s why I wear a black face mask during the winter months)

I waited for almost 40 minutes for word to where the meeting was going to be moved to, but sadly it never came. I was surprised to see the others that came for the same meeting show up and leave after just a couple of minutes. It is a testament to either how much smarter than I am (they sat for a couple of minutes in their warm cars while I stood outside my jeep for over a 1/2 hour putting my hands on the hood to keep them warm) or how much more determined I am.

if tenacity alone can get you published, then I should have a book out this year.


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