The Color of Writting is Red

Today I have discovered that the true color of being a writer is red!!  to make this point I offer my normal questionable research.

in the morning, especially during the work week, I need at least 1 good cup of 7-11 coffee (served in a red cup) and a large Can of Red Bull to counter the sleep deprivation from the night priors work.

of course all this caffeine keeps me working and able to complete my days work, no matter how much my boss helps (Those stories are over on my other blog Miscreant thoughts and
lesser things
)  and even let me drive home.

Once I get home its time to check my email and Red is what I see when I have my (almost daily) rejection notice.  the good news for me and everyone is that normally after I get my rejection I do a blog entry’s, on one or both blogs.  the daily ‘likes’ I get offset the sting of rejection.  I go to my fridge, get my “Redd’s Apple Ale” or a Witter Beer (with its light reddish color) and have a one while I work on some writing project. of course I ultimately will end up working on this far to long, and in the morning it will take a huge can of red bull and coffee.

So I am wondering what color being an author is going to end up being ? I hope green, but I’ll settle for not red!


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