With Glacial Speeds

I’ve been noting no comments and fewer views on this blog, starting to make me think that it’s dyeing.  That thought took me a moment to get my head around before I came back to the basic truth.

I’m not writing this for others, it’s for me, putting my thoughts out on the blogosphere to see if any others have their own thoughts or insights they want to share.

Let’s face facts I have a long way to go before I am an author,  there are so many things that have to be decided (self-publish, Epublish, agent, Traditional publisher, how much do I really want to do to sell the books, or do I just want to write them, what options can I even afford?)

Tomorrow morning I am doing the ‘normal’ thing going to a publishing round table and getting advice on how to make my query letter not SUCK so hard, it resembles a black hole. Listen to a pitch for self-publishing and pick up some pointers,  Then go to the writers group and meet another real author that is going to review my latest short, then return home, and get out and start submitting it, along with my other.

Still going to do the plan where I get some things published even if all I get is my name out, that’s all I want.  I’ll save the dreams of a castle on a private island for my second book. For this first book, my goal is simple, get people to read it, think about it, enjoy it. And if I get really lucky, I will have new sources to interview (after all talking to an author is easier to arrange the talking to a writer)


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