Mixed Signals from the Universe

Today was a writer to author focused day.  And despite some ‘help’ from my epic coworker (he screwed up something then left it until it fell to the on call person [IE me])

I presented a story to the critique group. The way this group worked this week, we filed it in advanced so that one of the people there (a guest author with a string of successful traditionally published works) could review and have mark ups before the session.  Of course thanks to my co-worker I was 90 minutes late….

Anyhow it was received with high praise, in fact as it turned out the people still at the table waited for me to arrive, so they could do a review of it.  There is a compliment in there somewhere when someone says “it’s the funniest man-eating demonic story I have ever read” (it was not written as a comedic piece, but to take the edge off the gory bits I put in some humor.)  I was told to go to the site I signed up for 2 weeks ago and shop it out. It should find a home with little trouble.  I won’t get much for it, but anything is more than I have gotten so far. [I have already signed up and after a round or 6 of edits I will start to shop it like I am trying Ekmuu]

I also went to a group that have presented how to publish, they are very much in favor of self-publishing – pointing out that the normal publishing system has flaws, and documenting what they are. It is hard to argue with facts, and even harder when they can not only tell you what the facts are but give you sources that you can confirm. They don’t do as much with fiction but still….

Of course the obvious problem would have been cash – it costs money to self-publish, but there were a TON of ideas on how to get it, and how to make it.

Now my poor small brain is spinning with possibilities & praises.

Love when that happens.
BTW – if any of you would like a copy of the story, tell me how to get it to you. It’s short (5 pages).  You can email me directly at R B D A V I S 5 @ Comcast.net (pull the spaces please) use the subject like “Rakasha”. I will send you a PDF of it. All I ask is that you tell me what you think and don’t call and try to get me locked up. [warning graphic content] {the newest edit should be done by tomorrow night if I dont go score an excessive amount of Green beer tonight)


3 thoughts on “Mixed Signals from the Universe

  1. I must say that your story “Rakasha” is absolutely amazing. My opinion doesn’t mean much in the big scheme of things but I’m demanding this to become a published piece of literature. It is too good to not become more. A fellow writer, follower and now huge fan. 🙂

    • thanks for all the kind words and support – tonigh I will start hawking it out there anyone else intrested in copy just say the word – or send the email !
      and BTW your opinion means a LOT to me at least !

  2. Your short story ‘Rakasha’ was great. I loved how you got a feeling of the biker right from the beginning and how he has a rationale for everything he does. It really made me interested in listening to him. I also really liked how you used the Rakasha, which I’ve heard of before while researching monsters for my own stories. I’ve seen a lot of people use the Rakasha incorrectly in the past, so I was very happy to read something that stuck to the origins.


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