Reading Differently

I have been trading work with another blogger/writer M.L. Newman.  I will be posting a full review of what I have seen, probably on Sunday, being as that is the day most of you wander by and read. [and its worth coming back for – excellent work by Them]

But Between now and then, I made in interesting discovery.  To share this discovery, I first have to say something, this discovery is about ME, and I would bet YOU. While my friend helped me learn it, it was not their writing that taught it to me, it was trading emails. Don’t use this against them or their writing.

As I said we have traded works, I sent them my book – a paranormal adventure and they sent me theirs.

I didn’t detect a lot of conflict in theirs, no guns, no danger, a high level of emotions but overall the adventure was not kicking me. It needed help in its pacing.

I talked to them about it and found out their book wasn’t a paranormal adventure, it is a romance thriller.  I re-read the chapter, and all of the romance details and emotional ties popped to life, they were always there, but when your mind is in ‘adventure mode’ you’re looking for the thick-necked goon with the Uzi, and miss details about the personal interactions, convincing yourself that its only to set up the person for a kidnapping or brutal murder.

Of course had I looked at their blog tags, read their ‘about me’ or just thought to myself for a moment ‘why no action?’ I would have clued in faster.

Reading it and knowing its true form (genre) those same interactions now carried meaning and the pace was perfect.

So for what it’s worth, coming from someone who is still a writer, when you share your work be sure you tell the reader what genre they are reading don’t make them guess. Otherwise the results could be a great story being reviewed as ‘needs pacing help’


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