Fueding Done Wrong.

A little off subject, but tonight I went to a publishing event – met 4 authors with different approaches to how to get published, and learned quite a bit.

While all of the lessons learned were important, the most important was “never match wits with someone smarter than you”

Some background, at the critique group, a bunch of us traded work over a coffee and doughnut. Mine went to a woman named Preacher.  As my friend M.L Newman can attest, my work (I think is well written, flows well, and punctuated badly. In addition If it were a movie, it would be a very SOLID R. Preacher read a few chapters, and stopped when the co-ed and the demon both woke up naked.  It was an uncomfortable scene. She stopped reading right there.  She also cringed at all the bad words and ‘adult situations’ in Rakasha.

It turns out she is also in the publishing group that I am in

So tonight she sees me in the lobby and tells me “your such a talented writer, you need to be writing for the lord” my reply

“I would, but the bible is already written, and the sequel would probably suck”

No lightning bolt at either of us.

They split the tables up by what you write, and I am the only fiction writer there. The plan is to share a story or book excerpt with someone in out Genre and summarize it. Preacher speaks up and points out that I could let the meetings organizer’s grand daughter (who just turned 14) read Rakasha. I point out I don’t have that piece on my Kindle, making the mistake of turning it to show them. Sadly preacher sees my manuscript and suggests the 14-year-old could read a chapter or 2.

My reply was to hand my kindle to the young woman and ask preacher “why not pick a spot for her to start”

Preacher closed my unit, handed it back to me, told the organizer my writing was too immature and turned to repeat the “you should write for the lord comment”

On a positive ending (other than the HUGE laugh I got out of this) the author that wrote and published several Ebooks gave me some contact information for a house that does cover & format, and also talked in length about publishing options.


5 thoughts on “Fueding Done Wrong.

  1. I feel that the text term lol even in caps will never capture the amount of laughter going on from my side of the country.I love Rakasha and recommend it to anyone who enjoys adventure and surprise. At least you are heading in the right direction to get Jamie Ryder: Possessed published. I’m encouraging you to get everything published, the ideas are original, surprising, humorous and inspiring. 🙂

  2. Hitting the right audience is a big part of writing. If you write fiction and everyone else writes nonfiction, you’re at a disadvantage. But you’ll probably learn something.


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