Signs I am doing something right

My manuscript is still being reviewed and other than questioning if my punctuation keys on my keyboard actually work, the over all comments have been positive. (of course the other editor I used asked if I spoke english based on how poor the spelling was)

The best compliment that I have been given was that the reader  talked about how connected they feel toward the characters, not only the Heroine, but all of them.  Some she hated, not only the antagonist, but some of the supporting characters too.  just the way I was hoping.

I have been working on the next book, it suddenly seems less a waste of time.  its hard to write a second book if no one is interested in the first one!

I am going to keep trying the publishing game, and Sunday someone is going to help me maybe try either a kick starter trailer, or a trailer.  Details when I have them, and once I decide them.  Who knows, there is also a small chance traditional publisher option will become real.


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