Strange Night

I’m not sure if this is ‘common’ for writers/authors or not, but last night I didn’t sleep worth anything.  The reason, my characters were all upset and chose to bother me in my dreams.

Jamie – the protagonist demanded I rewrite the restroom scene, pointing out accurately that she would have seen the door open and there was  a stall right there, and she knew which stall her clothing were in.  She gave live girl shows to several people already, Austin isn’t getting one.  Amazingly Ivan (her Demon) agreed!

Ivan is insisting that he gets to be more active, he hates Austin, and is terrified that Jamie is going to hook up with him.  He is going to counter that with everything he can.

Austin is also mad, he is trying to point out that even after years of training, he should be smoother around Jamie then he is, his chosen profession not with standing.  Of course I had to tell him that is bull, his chosen profession and Jamie’s condition would make him act just the way he is, and I had to remind him he’s the idiot that got caught and locked in a trunk.

Cindy pointed out she is going to encourage Austin and Jamie, and Jeff is going to stop those 2.

Tack that on to the kidnapper and Olivia’s demands, and I  feel like I didn’t sleep at all.

By the time I sort out everything they are all yelling, my second book will be written and the third one already setup.

So should I seek professional help? Or get my ‘author juice’ and start typing?


8 thoughts on “Strange Night

  1. I am so relieved. I thought I was the only one who thinks the characters are more real than the real people I know in real life. I dream about them. I think about them. I am within days of having the first part of my funny sci-fi novel published. I am not even writing about these guys now and I still know what they had for breakfast, or what their plans for the day are. I don’t know that about my friends.

    • I am miles from being published, and was using that as an excuse to not write this as well as I should or as often. Good luck on the publishing! (Hopefully someday soon I will be right there with you.

      • Ummm… I would have to ask… my daughter is doing that part for me. I am all-art-side-of-the-brain, I have no real life skills at all. I do know it will be available online, on readers and as a real paper book. I can find out if you really need to know right now.

      • don’t need to know right this instant, but would evetually like to know (Jamie and Ivan are promising I won’t sleep tonight if I dont fix the restroom scene – so no rush LOL)

  2. TYPE! Let Jamie speak! I miss her and are going through withdrawls in less than 24hrs…that is a fantastic sign that you’ve written a masterpiece and a terrible sign that I need help lol. I’m so proud of you, keep up the fabulous work!


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