The disturbance in the force

for those of you that are authors or writers, or in publishing.  you may have just felt a disturbance in the force, or heard a supersonic sound of a thousand words and edits suddenly disappearing.

I love using a laptop, because I can work anywhere, but when it is actually in my lap, I have GOT to remember that the battery is a little bit loose, and if I move my left knee I will hit the single battery release. (Stupid Design HP)

Of course the reason I moved my leg was to get comfortable and to hit the Save button, so that the ‘fantasy sequence’ I did with my Deaf girl, the Demon and the Demon hunter would live until at least the morning when I can review it minus the author juice that inspired it in the first place.

Nothing funnier then the deaf girl and her demon fighting while the deaf girl is knocking boots with the demon hunter….

if that’s not funny, blame the author juice.

BTW – have any of you looked at my link on Create Space ? any feedback ?


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