Set in Stone (now to put down the Chisel)

sorry for no updates yesterday, but between the ‘writers club’ and work, and the fact that I have now ran 5 of the last 6 days ‘somewhere’ I am starting to feel burned out. tonight I have the jeep club (nothing book or writing related, other maybe inspiration)

I also had a talk with the gentleman that is doing the book trailer shoot for me. I thought the monologue was set in stone, but today we made MORE changes.

with luck, the final fully done scrip locked version will be in my hands by Saturday and the search for Jamie will begin. He has some contacts, so I will be picking one later in the week. Its going to be a task plucking someone out of my brain and letting a real person be her for this project. Not to mention it is breaking about every rule I ever had about ‘no faces’ but it was that or risk the very real danger of failing. In a way it feels like I am pimping one of my children, but the New Adult Paranormal Genre is not easy to get into, getting out of the slush pile is not easy an there is nothing I can do to improve those odds. Even if I somehow managed to get all of my short stories published and had a published by credit, I would still be a no one as far as traditional options go. If anyone ever really look at it, I would have a figting chance but…

I looked over CreateSpace and to do a full layout & Edit & Cover Plus Kindle edition I would be looking at around 2500. I doubt it will be cheaper going with local resources, although I will check. Sadly that just gets it published and on Amazon, Marketing it will still be my problem, or cost more money.

Before anyone types it I am going to look at amazon Kindle prime as well.

I am starting to see why traditional publishing is still around, I have resources and friends and contacts. If I didn’t that would be a staggering number to have to roll dice on.


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