Help a Writer out

I want to put some work up on smashwords, but I don’t have a good cover, or a bad cover or any cover!

The idea of spending 500 to 750 apiece so I can give away some short stories for some reason is unappealing. The idea of spending any money to give them away is unappealing.

What I need is someone to make a cover, or someone with Photoshop to put words on photos I have and do a simple cover that way, nothing too fancy.

So I am putting my hat in my hand and asking:  Anyone out there know a way to get some visuals with words for cheap or free? Without my getting sued over the whole thing?

and BTW – while I am shamelessly begging, if anyone knows a Deaf person that would be willing to trade emails and answer stupid questions for me, please give them my email.

It looks like I am going to have to replace my prior source. While I am writing fiction, I find the best fiction is fact. I don’t want my new book to become factually wrong, unless i chose to make to make it that way.   I don’t ever want it to become exploitive.


R b d a v i s 5@c o m c a s t.n e t if you have ideas!


3 thoughts on “Help a Writer out

  1. I don’t know anyone who could make you a cover cheap, but there’s always the option of going out to take a picture of something that would work. Then find someone who can modify it to a cover or use paint or Word if that’s possible. I have the graphic design skills of a flailing monkey, so I can’t be much help.


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