New Publishing Option ?

Yesterday I went to another “How to publish meeting” The main reason I went was not to learn anything new, but to talk to someone who had been avoiding me.

turns out they still avoided me, but I found out about another publishing option I hadn’t heard of.

I already knew traditional, and it took very little time to realize that I had better odds of getting struck by lightning 10 seconds after I won the lottery with a ticket that I found on the ground. (I maybe over estimating those odds but…)

I knew about self publishing, and EBook publishing, both cost a good deal of money and both required me to really get out and push. the money for each is in the form of needing an editor. I like to think I am a talented writer, but having a professional editor makes my talents more accessible to readers.

I already knew about predatory presses – hell I already lost a toe to one (that or they were so amazed by my manuscript that they read 200+ pages in less than 24 hours and were ready start printing with in a week – nothing suspicious there at all!)

the new thing I learned about was ‘Partner publishing’ it costs about the same as Self Publishing, but I will end up splitting the profits with them. the main difference, they will do ALL of the marketing and advertising. a job that I exceedingly suck at. Granted, I have only second-hand information and a contact, so who the hell knows if its real.

at this point, I am thinking if I can get a good round of professional editing done, I will publish on Kindle, or as a Kindle Prime.  I would LOVE to have a physical book as well, but I am seeing that my target audience do EBooks more often.

of course no matter what I do I will need more work to ever have a chance of getting this to at least not spend money to put out my books.


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