what do you call a writer that cant write

I should clarify that comment, I don’t have writers block, far from it I have knocked out blogs for the next couple days, put another 2.5 K words on my second book, did a decent edit on the first book based on some feed back.

but all that aside, the ONE thing I needed to do tonight, was to write a blurb for my first book, a tagline and a summary. How hard can those things be, I know the blurb is a MAX of 400 words, and best done under 250. the Tag line is even easier – a single sentence maybe 2. As for the summary, how hard can it be to put 90K word book into a couple of paragraphs.

Turns out hard enough that I would rather write blog entry’s for the next couple days, but 2.5K on my second book and re-re-re-re-re-re-edit my first book.

I am torn if this indicates that I’m not a good a writer as I think I am, after all I can’t even do a simple few sentences or paragraphs. Or if I should accept that I am long-winded, or at least over passionate about my stores and can’t just to a 5 second burst.

my two tag lines I have are:

After a night Celebrating Jamie, A deaf college girl, discovers a new world full of witches and Demons. Can she keep herself and her family safe as she tries to remove the demon that is possessing her?

Jamie was a typical deaf freshmen girl until the night that a fateful encounter with a demon turned her world upside down. Can Jamie and her friends & family survive this new evils attention?

my 2 fans are torn each liked a different one then the other. and hated the one they didn’t choose.

is this why writers drink ?


5 thoughts on “what do you call a writer that cant write

  1. I have that problem every time I write a book blurb. It’s because you know everything and it’s really hard to be concise when you’re proud of what you wrote. It can be one of the most frustrating, aggravating things to design before publishing. Though, that might just be me.

    To answer the title question though: E.L. James?


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