Are Favorites allowed

Tired, but I have managed another 1.25 K words on he second book.

I find it funny that my favorite person to write for is my Demon. Last nights typo aside, he has had so many good one liners and comebacks that I started to analyse why. I have other characters that I find funny, but Ivan is special.

the reason, I get to turn off my ‘filter’ and type just about anything.

“Another person that’s going to think I am crazy because of you” Jamie said

“You are crazy, came with the boobs.” Ivan said

I believe that if any human male in the planet were to say that, he would end up in the collective human female “no Laid” list. [its like the TSA No Fly list except far more devistating] I would worry about my wife putting me on that list, but she doesn’t read my blog or books so I am safe.


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