Twitter – and other Annoyances

Today I had to skip my writing group waiting for someone to come by to buy my truck.

while waiting, I decided to go to twitter, and anyone that was either an agent, or writer or had something funny to say I would follow.  I also would follow anyone that followed me, seamed like a good idea.

turns out twitter decided that I was being aggressive and suspended my account.

only good news out of any of this I was able to jam away on my story, skipped my normal ‘must be perfect and accurate’ and just started to write.

I am sure some of it (a lot of it) is off, I can fix it easily enough [frankly I don’t know how track meets are organized, and/or if they do school VS School of it a lot of schools compete together] but those are details I can learn later.

the parts where my poor protagonist finds her self assaulted with a sharpie, having sexually suggestive things written on her legs, arms chest and other places (everywhere but her face)  that part I have no problem with.

BTW – still hoping to find a deaf pen pal (someone in their early 20’s) so I can get information. as always, if you know someone who might be interested, please point them to me!  thanks


8 thoughts on “Twitter – and other Annoyances

  1. I’ve heard other people mention Twitter freezing them or being aggressive. That doesn’t make any sense. If you create a type of social media, wouldn’t you want it to be used as much and as vigorously as possible? Why punish people who enjoy using it?


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