Missing in Inaction

Hey all, sorry about no posts for a few days. I would love to tell you about how I was kidnapped by aliens and taken to the planet of big breasted blondes and forced into a breeding program, but the truth is I haven’t really had much to write about here.

Publishing happens as a speed that would make a glacier yell “Speed it up”. And since Independent publishing takes $$$ and Traditional take time, There is little I can do to speed either process up.


I did make a Facebook author page, and hope that my followers will give me a quick like (maybe even a fast share to show their buddies). I will probably post 2 things a week there, an update if I have one, and quotes from my favorite Demon (or at least quotes that I can put up). There is also a copy of the first chapter up there. I have also been considering offering one of my followers somewhere a copy of the first book, on the promise that they will give me an HONEST assessment. One ‘fan’ already read it to glowing reviews. Sure there were some punctuation issues, but overall the reaction was positive.
The book trailer is still on the table, and the person that is going to shoot it has asked me to help write & research another project that he is on. Sounds like a fun way to distract myself from the reality that until something I have tried pays off, I am stuck waiting!

The large Author extravaganza, a chance for me to meet and greet is off the table this year, I can’t afford the $450.00. Maybe next year I can make that happen. if you live in or near Denver, you should find out about this program, from what they are saying it looks like a great opportunity.

I promise at least every other day to let you all know anything interesting.


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