playing with my food

Hello fellow writers, publishers, readers and people who click on random posts.

Nothing too exciting going on today, I am still writing a miniseries for a friend of mine, he likes my writing even if I have NO clue how to actually write a script, but that, he said, is a detail.

I also used my Uberfan (ie the only other person that has read my book and fell in love with it) as a test. In the current book, I had the protagonist go buy “Something” from an adult store [IE Sex Shop] It’s funny because the protagonist knows what she bought, as does the counter clerk, but the reader doesn’t have a clue.

Ok that’s not right the reader has plenty of clues. They know that it was sold in the ‘fetish’ section. The know that the protagonist bought 2 of them. They know its in a box and is ‘bigish’ but no specific size. They know it has accessories, including something purchased from Wal-mart in the ‘personal care’ section. Something the protagonist was embarrassed to buy. They know that the protagonist offered to use it with her father figure (she was annoyed with him, for good reason) and they know that the Demon in the story HATES in vehemently

So far this has eaten up 2 full chapters, and the big reveal is going to have to wait 2 more at least!

I suppose if I see Uberfan book a cross-country flight, with a return less than 24 hours later I may have over teased them!.


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