The Writing Hangover

Good morning fellow writers, readers, publishers and people that were clicking on the cute internet cat and landed here instead.

today I have decided that I am going to coin a new phrase. the ‘Writing Hangover’! to get into this condition, you do not need to drink achohol, or smoke any thinq questionable. Instead you need only do 1 thing. Write. stay up late writing, go to sleep with your writing project on your mind, and wake up in the morning and realize you missed details in your writing that are goign to cause you to go back and fix it before you score your daily doughtnut and Redbull (or coffee for those of you that are ‘traditional’)

I looked over my chapters from last night, and found a class one ‘opps’ moment. The type of oversight that would leave a plot hole big enought to suck in the entire book. Gratned, its easy to fix, a couple of quick questions, an inconsistant answer (my poor protagonist can’t lie to save her life, although she is excelent at detecting them)

of course to complicate things, I have been working with 2 deaf wemon, to make sure I protray how things are for them, and found out another inconsitancy! I may have to revamp the entire section now.

My poor urberfan is going to have to wait at least a few more days to descover whats in those ‘Boxes’ that I mentioned yesterday.

oh and on that refference, a funny accident, the protagonist knows what they are, now so do several other charicters in the book. The talk about it, they are builing up about it, they are debating it. and the poor readers still have no clue. it has turned into a sort of minigame now. with a new clue coming from the Police detective that searched the box. the readers now know he was shocked, not knowing a young woman like Jamie (the protagonist) would acctuall own such a thing. I would tell you that I am the only human being that knows whats in the box, but truth is I was facing a potential boycot of all goods and services if I didn’t tell my wife. her reaction was priceless!

fixing the book and getting to play a mini game with the readers make this hangover almost worth it.



3 thoughts on “The Writing Hangover

  1. I hope you get a lot more writing done so your readers don’t have to wait much longer. I’m almost positive the curiosity is killing at least one of them. 🙂

    • after I rewrite the 2 chapters I messed up on and after I get the 2 conficts that are brewing done, Jamie will have her big reveal to Austin. Ivan is screaming in terror already at the thought of that. and worse, he is worried his girlfriend is going to want the same thing!


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