How to Turn this around

ok, its been 24 hours since I got but my first published work done (on smashwords) and laid off.

I have expended as much energy as I am going to railing at the universe for this, and after taking a good hard look I realized that I had the wrong attitude.

I was just granted time, time to follow-up and write. maybe get my second book finished and start the next one. I never meant to write a series, but I couldn’t finish the story in one book, not sure how long it will take to finish.

I already have put out 9 resumes for jobs that I can do and will be able to do with little problem. Worse case I don’t get a job before my 4 week reserve is used up and have to live on unemployment. It also will slow down my quest to self publish my first book, but the extra time is going to give me a chance to research and send query letters to the traditional route.

email me if you want the free code. or like!/RobertDavisAuthor (redundant I know)

if I could figure out how put it up for free I would, but smashwords has some stupidity to it (if I go free then I can’t get any further distribution)

BTW my email is R B D A V I S 5 @ C O M C A S T .N E T don’t worry not going to put you on any lists, or stalk you (with out your permission of course)


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