Another Step on the Path

Greetings all from the wonderful white world of the unemployed.

Today I started to slip into dangerous waters. I slept in, something I haven’t done since Christmas. Technically because my insomnia kicked in again, I only slept 8.5 hours, but getting up at 9:00 ‘feels wrong’. My Phone, wife and kids have all decided that I have been short on sleep and stressed.

I was able to write another 1.5 chapters last nights, and found a reference book I will want to purchase WHEN I am working and back on my feet. Its only day 3 of being unemployed for me, and I find myself looking at my daily list and thinking “screw this”

I’m not sure if it’s the weather, the changes all catching up, the other behaviors I have as of yet to fully understand [IE my readers] or what…
I’m not in a good place! So today I think I will have to change-up my routine! Going to finish my chapter(s) and then put out 6 more resumes. I have to remember in the arena that I am working in, jobs are not filled in hours, even if a rock star (like me) applies for it, they are going to do rounds of interviews and background checks and and and…

It’s funny when I talk to my wife about this; I remind her that the job I just lost was never my ‘forever’ job. I suspect the company will shutter in a couple more years, or at least the dynamic to keep it open will shift to the another department (Either way a bad place to be) but the shock if it quitting me before I quit it is still there.

I am going to stick to the ‘rules’ like no TV during the day, and no Redbull (ok I already broke that one, but there was no coffee ready)[no beer till I am working again, no eating out, and lowering out meals to something VERY economical. I am only allowed to do 2 things during the day, work on getting a job (things like sending resumes and working on intro letters) and writing ‘something’.

I will either have a job by the end of the month, or my second book done and the third one started, or both!.

Depression is NOT going to set in and take hold!

BTW – hers is the link to my first published work (I know I keep putting it up here)

AT42X this is the code so you can have it free. (of corse if you can spare a buck-LOL)
Maybe today after I put outmy resumes and settle my brain, I will figure out a way to make it automatically free, but right now it takes a 2 step process. for no I have to leave it at .99 until it’s in the ‘premium’ catalog and gets pushed to Apple and B&N then I can look at changing the price to 0


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