The universe is just playing now

greetings all,

In a twist to my already unpredictable process of becoming an author I have today accepted a temp job with the company that laid me off!
They are going to pay me more per hour, but on a 1099 so I will have to cover taxes and such at the end of the year. Still it means a couple of things. Assuming that I don’t get hired today (I have a very promising interview lined up) I will make enough $$ to go to the ‘how to publish and market your book’ event at the end of the month.

I will have enough money to hire a top shelf editor, making my great work even better and I will do all of this without disrupting my already on its ear life.

And in my paranoid nature I am trying to find out what is going to go wrong, this is just ‘too perfect’
I am starting to feel like my characters in my book, bounced around and ultimately happy where they end up but damn what a ride.


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