Checking In

Hey All,

Just a quick ‘Howdy’.  Its been a few days, and I have been putting my efforts into finding work. I have to admit I am disappointed with how the sales of Demon cats went, even free not that many people interested. a total of 20 people looked it up on smashwords, 12 took a free copy and I sold 2.

Considering I have 40+ followers on the blog, and 135 Facebook ‘friends’, and 350+ twitter followers, I have to say its pretty clear that my marketing sucks. I don’t know if its lack of interest in the platform (smashwords) or what ?

I am taking a couple insane steps, so insane that I told my wife, she thought I lost it but said to go for it, so going for it I am. (once I have the results, I will share details with you all)

I will have a better update in a day or 2, after I find out if I scored the job that I took 3 interviews for so far.

at least I have managed to get 3 chapters done for my 2nd book, and still haven’t revealed that contents of ‘the box’ (see  if you don’t know or recall what I am talking about.) the only new clue that anyone has is the police detective that saw it was surprised that a ‘Girl like you would have one of those’ that ,and the protagonist is going to get one for the Demon’s girl friend, just to torture him!

ok – enough teasing for the night, thought I would give you all an update.

later.  I suppose I should put this up again, and give the code AT42X so you can get it free, but I am too lazy 😀


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