Done trying to fit in

Hello all,

its Wednesday so that must mean another writers Critique group. I represented “Rakasha” a rude & Violent piece. I have been hearing, or should I say people have been saying and I have not been hearing that the piece is too “short”

ultimately they are right, I have been putting up a barrier to keep the readers from bonding with the protagonists, mostly because I am about to [insert graphic image here] and don’t want to have them ‘hurt’ by the death of someone they like or love.

sadly that is effecting my style, I am also trying to contain the story and keep it ‘short’. This is also an over reaction, my short story in November, it ended at 95K words and spawned another ‘short’ that is already 54K words. I just have to let the stories be the length they are going to be and decide what to do with them after that.


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