Progress continues

Hey all,

3 minor updates!

First up, bad news, looks like despite three interviews, I am still unemployed. I am going to start conserving my resources now, so no jeep trip this weekend, All home improvements are on hold and if the teen boy breaks anything, I will do a DYI cast! I will get through this but it sucks.

Second item, I bought Scrivner tonight for 20.00 1/2 price from amazon. it can’t help with my second book but it maybe a god send fr the third one (and beyond) if anyone has knowledge about that software and wants to share, I am all ears! there is a Scrivner for Dummies book, but I can spend 15.00 more at the moment, so I will jus apply my own intelligence and pray I don’t pick up any bad habits between when I start to use i and when I learn how to.

and last but not least, my second book reached a word count o 63K words. one thing that’s interesting, while its ‘shorter’ by word count, because its all dialog this time, the page count in word is almost the same as the fist one.

BTW – if you’re not sick to freaking death of seeing this link on yet Demon cats is now in the prime catalog. when I see it at B&N I will make it free with out the code AT42X

more news when I have some!


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