my first ‘writers block’

As most of you are aware, I have been in a low swing.  no job,  no movement on any front, and other than more rejections of my short stories, nothing in the publishing side.

I have thought about trying self publishing, but the cost is a factor, and a LARGER factor is that I have not found the right marketing technique.

as a result of all of this, I have dealt with Writers block.  instead of 2 daily blogs and about 1500 words, I have don’t 100 words TOTAL, and no blogs on either side.

I saw ‘writers block is what you call it when your imaginary friends wont talk to you”  and LOL accurate description for some, for me the problem is not that they are not talking, but it’s the “why are you bothering! how is this going to help your job situation? why complete book 2 when you can’t even get a short story published?” voice in my head is louder than the others.  and lets face it, some of the poor behavior by the people around me give this credibility!

so while fueling a pity party with beer and watching movies, a thought found its way to the front of my skull.  I am doing this not to help the job, not to publish it , not to write the next great [genre specific title]   I’m doing it because it lets me be creative. computers are not that creative, my career is not that creative. if I want to do something that is creative, this is it. I enjoy it! I will try for publishing, go to the weekend extravaganza and see about marketing and such things, and if I get nothing more than what I have right this moment so be it.

sadly this is not the first time I have concluded this, but apparently I need to keep reminding my self of it.

I would ramble on more, but my Demon Ivan is pointing out that we are almost at the climax of book 2. and I can’t start book 3 until its done. God knows how I am going to do the research on book 3, but that’s not an issue for at least 3 more days.



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