Dark Directions.

Hello all, the second book is in striking distance of being done, 2 more chapters, maybe 3. Then I am off to the third installment.

The first book is ready for editing, and while no interest from traditional sources I still have my hopes up, and I am studying how to indi-publish and promote it. (Lets face it, Demon Cats showed me that my current tactics stink.

Now my ‘issue’ for the day last night one of my characters woke me to complain. Something that I have glanced a couple of times in the two books needs to be addressed, and she wants to do it.

I honestly wonder which of us is writing this, me or them! That’s an entirely different blog post, but the arguments she used were all compelling, with a single fault.

The issue she wants me to use is around a mental disorder, (it’s already in the books, but I have never actually addressed it). The subject is somewhat touchy. Much like the ‘Deaf’ thing, IF I were going to include it, even at the level and point that she demanded that I do, that means research and finding someone(s) that will talk frankly about things that are not mentioned in public, let alone with a stranger.   I got luck with the Deaf thing, I had an excellent source, and was able to get enough details to get through the books, and with help from the internet and a fertile imagination, I got enough to (hopefully) not offend anyone, and to (again hopefully) represent how it is to be deaf.

The idea of doing that again with a mental disorder is scary.  Do I even think about crossing into that territory? Will people want me in there? Or will they want me to get out and stay out? Would it be easier once I start publishing my books? Or should I just do it?

Do I follow my character’s Dark Directions or stay in the grey areas where I am most comfortable?


4 thoughts on “Dark Directions.

  1. I think it depends on the disorder and how respectful you are. As far as talking about it, there are a lot of people out there willing to talk about such things. Again, the whole thing revolves around respect.


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