Now Siri is trying to help

Hello All,

My “second book” is almost done.  I put second book in quotes because I still haven’t published my first!  But forgetting the semantics for a moment, I was re-reading the second and editing (something I do when I don’t feel like writing and this close to the end of the book, I tend to drag my feet, just so I don’t have to finish!) and read one of my favorite parts that was written thanks to a combination of ADD, Siri and letting my fingers run.

The original scene, the kids (who have switched bodies) go to a place where an ogre is being rounded up and relocated. After the relocation, they talk to the team leader, and he tells them how to fix their problem. Because I use the Harp Twins music (see the post ‘musical peanut butter’) I put “Sweet Child of Mine” in the scene (an excuse to describe one of my favorite tracks)

So I lazily hit the button and tell Siri to play “Sweet child of mine”. (I should have remembered there is a reason I never use Siri)  Instead of the harp twins version, it started playing the original version.  I like that version, but I can’t stand the original artist! After a chuckle, I integrate that distaste into the scene and put in the version confusion. So now my heroes go in, play the wrong version,  get tossed around like rag dolls before someone starts playing the harp version.  I also put the harp girls (hereafter called the harpies) into the scene, so the Ogre gets a live performance. (If I don’t get one, at least my monsters can enjoy it)

It was at that point that my mind let my heroes talk to the harp girls, and a quick moment later, some small part of my brain said “What if the harp girls could do Sign Language?” then my heroes could talk to them, interact with them (something I unlikely would ever get to do, combination of being too poor to go see them, not sure they will ever come to Colorado, and then finding time and money to go to whatever performance.) but  its ok, my heroes can interact with them, and I still have them on my Ipod.

Of course because I put in “they can do sign” they figured out the heroes switched bodies (no other way to explain why the deaf girl can’t use sign, and why the demon hunter she is with is not carrying any weapons) so they start to advise the kids how to fix the body swap, and scene is almost over.

Except, the antagonist of the story: Ivan the Demon, he wants to have his fun before they kids fix things.  I decide that he is not going to miss a chance to be, well himself.  So now the harpies have a demon putting his hand on one of their butts and being his normal perverted self.

The solution, in my mind I decide that the harpies know a move I learned back in my security days. They grab the demons fingers, pinning him and promising him more pain if he doesn’t shut up and behave.  It was a blast letting my Harpies be bad asses to my Demon, and having them stop a charging ogre with just a song and a smile.

By the time I was done, my simple lead in paragraph (maybe 2) ended up being a full chapter.

And for those wondering, the ‘ADD part of this?” when I was poking around the harp twins Facebook page today (To avoid the editing which I was doing to avoid the writing), I looked over their ‘about’ information, turns out they do know sign language, and are into Martial arts.  I must have known that but filed it away in my trivial information file in my brain.  I swear I am always amazed by the things I didn’t even realize I knew.

Going to have to edit the chapter (no need for the ‘team leader’ now, the harpies dealt with everything) and change out the Harpies. I can’t have them resemble real people that closely without risking getting sued. I just hope there are no other people who I know or like that I find lurking in my book.


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