Standing on the Precipice

Hello all,

sorry for the sudden change in the frequency of my posting, but unemployment is a pain. I got another round of rejections for my short stories, but have decided not to worry too much.  one of the editors put a personal note into it.  my story “Ekmuu” is ‘too ambitious for  a short story’.

I have been resisting expanding that story, because I thought it was paced perfect, but everyone to a person has told me it needs to be expanded.  So when Book 2 is done, about a week, and before I start book 3 I will rewrite Ekmuu 2.0

the only other piece of news is that while there is still 1 dark horse traditional source looking at my Jamie Ryder: possessed manuscript, most have rejected it. I am entered in to a contest with a publisher called Black Balloon.  While I would love to say “I just know its going to win” I honestly didn’t think it was going to be rejected in the first place. While I know my cover/querry letters are not that good, a big part of whats tripping me is finding the right Genre.  New Adult Paranormal Adventure is a new area. I believe that its going to be a very popular Genre, after all everyone that read Harry Potter has grown up, and I bet they are wanting more about people their age, facing problems they can relate to.

I am lining up ‘investors’ IE People I think I can get the money for a fully realized professionally edited and designed book/Ebook.  There is going to be a print version, but it will be a limited run, and IF I can get the cover designer to do it, going to print with the words Limited Edition.  Maybe something that’s rare will be considered more ‘valuable’ the print run adds a cost, but I still feel there is a value to holding something, turning the pages and smelling the ink on the paper. besides you really can’t ‘sign’ an Ebook.  if those 4 people fail me, then I will try crowd funding (hoping its more a ‘preorder’ and less a ‘give me money’)

I hope for to complete  all these things by September ? once I have the money, the time frames are easier, the Ebook will preceed the physical book, by a few weeks. With luck that will mean when the limited editions are available, there will be a demand for them.

so that’s where I am, standing on the precipice getting ready to jump!  the good news, I know I have wings,  the bad news, so do penguins, ostrich and chickens.



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