Viva EL Revolution

Greetings all,

It’s now official, my manuscript is back and rejected by the sources I tried.  With no feed back (other than “it’s not for us”) I have had a full night and a few beers to try to figure out whats wrong with it, after all no who publish books like it, or see potential for it.  the only people who seem to enjoy reading it are readers.

And as I typed that last sentence,  I realized that maybe the problem isn’t with my manuscript, but with the traditional publishing.  I looked over what it would take to make my book move from the “new adult” to young adult, all I’d have to do is remove the conflicts caused by the male demon in the young girl’s body.  remove the parts where the girl goes out and drinks (underaged) and sneaks into clubs.  remove the inner dialog where all the new feelings that come from being 18 and on her own, sorting out which of the new feelings are hers, and which are the demons. remove all the interaction with the demon’s girl friend and I could maybe make the book ‘traditional’ friendly.

Of course I’d hate that book, minus those parts its dull.  Sorry for the traditional sources, but I would rather not gut the work I am doing just to fit the cookie cutter.

so I am going to join the revolution and do Indie publishing, and I already can see the biggest problem (and expense) is going to be the marketing.

maybe its wishful thinking, but I believe writing stories that are different, interesting and more mature will catch on.

Worse case the ‘New Adult” Genre will catch, and I will end up back in the traditional world, but only after they come to me and ask – nicely. and only if there is one hell of an incentive for me to do so.


3 thoughts on “Viva EL Revolution

  1. Marketing is tough. Hook your blog into Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, and every social media site you can find. Do author interviews, guest blogs, and find a few sites that can post ads for your book. Goodkindles will put you in their database for $7, will do it for $10, KindleMojo will put you on their site for $5 (you can do an interview once on there), and Novelspot has a free ‘This Just Out’ service.


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