Random Mother’s Day Update.

Greetings all.

My wife decided to go camping this weekend, leaving me alone and unsupervised!  The good news is that the kitchen will recover, the pans are ok, and she didn’t find any evidence of my diet killing activities. Over all a success.

I also put the final chapter to my second book and after a very good friend of mine started to read my first one, she pointed out a flaw, a huge flaw, a structural OMG flaw.  Ok maybe not that bad, it’s more the result of my method of writing the stream of conscious where I just put the words on the screen, and let them flow.  Of course the clean-up is twice as hard, so as I send my second book to an editor know (not a professional but a damn fine one) I am going to be editing the first book over, and will be replacing the “Chapter 1” excerpt on here (the one that no one has actually read yet)

Of course I also realize I am entering the endless loop, where there is always ‘one more thing’ that I feel I should change.

Sometime before the end of the week, I will be starting the third book.   I am planning on using Scrivner this time, to see how that experience goes. I have locked myself into NOT getting frustrated and just putting it back into word. I will let you all know how that is going.

Hope you all had a good mother’s day.


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