New News on the western front

well, maybe ‘no news’ is an over statement.

I may well have found my first ‘investor’.  he will only cover 25% but that’s 25% more than I had.  I have done a budget and know what it will take for me to indie publish.  I am not going to do the “Word says everything is spelled right” and “my 9-year-old is such a good artist, I can use that as a book cover” thing.  I only get one chance for a first impression, so its going to be done right, and if I can get help to do it, so much the better.

unfortunately the next few days are more ‘non writing days’ between job interviews and working with the film maker (who I have a deal with for my book trailer) so this means scouting locations, and doing a casting call.

sadly that’s the part I am going to hate the most.  one of two things are going to happen.  1) I will see several talented enthusiastic people, and have to reject all but the few I need.  or 2) I won’t see enough people to do the shoot the way I am hoping.   I would hope that after all of the rejections I have received I can find a way to tell the people who didn’t make the cut in a nice way.    there is also a chance I will meet “Jamie” the model that I will ask to help me do more of the marketing.

Fingers crossed everybody, if I can get an investor, I will have money to publish and a trailer. for marketing.  Worse case is that I end having a kick starter for a small enough amount that it should succeed.

And in a real world update (as opposed to the author/Publishing world update)  I have interviews everyday for the rest of this week, so I may end up employed, which would allow me to also ‘invest’ into my book.



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