hangover part IVIVVV

why cant I just drunk dial my Ex’s like a normal person ?

Miscreant Thoughts and Lesser Things

Good morning fellow miscreants,

My experiment for going a week without writing is now ½ over, and I have decided this was a stupid thing to try.  Not only is my brain back filling with ideas, but when I’m not writing I have this need to do ‘something’ author related.

This morning I am looking at my computer (which is surrounded by empty beer bottles, as in ‘good thing I didn’t need to drive anywhere quantity’.)  I specifically looked the browser history and the sent emails. Looks like I decided to put my work out to 3 more ‘Traditional Publishers’ and sent to 1 reader.

The reader I am less nervous about, I strongly suspect the review from her will be “it is a good story but it needs editing” with a side of “the editing issues are why the traditional presses are rejecting it”

The Traditional publishers, they will…

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